Bakuman Manga Review

My Review Of Bakuman  Manga

Author: Tsugumi Obha

Art: Takeshi Obata

Bakuman is a real aspiring manga written by Tsugumi Obha and art was done by Takeshi Obata  the famous duo who gave us the award winning manga Death Note, published by Weekly Shonen Jump from 2008 to 2012.

First of all, I like to say to all that Bakuman was the first manga I read which immediately made me a fan of  manga and started my manga journey .

the story is simple like all “slice of life” manga’s except with a twist. It tells the story of Mashiro Moritaka aka Saiko a boy unplanned and undecided about life like most youth in today’s modern society and Takagi Akito aka Shujin  a top ranking student who wants to be an aspiring writer for manga and comics .

the main story involves Saiko’s love affair with a fellow student Azuki Miho and both Saiko’s and Shujin’s partnership and their journey to becoming successful mangaka’s which spans to a period of 5 years.

it is based on true accounts and hardships people go through to become a mangaka or any comic illustrator in life .

What I liked most about Bakuman was its inspiring storyline and the caption that people should follow their dreams no matter what ,something that many people need to know in today’s society

About the art,  Takeshi Obata proves himself well that he can draw any gene well art is spot on and matches well with the emotions the story portrays especially the romance and comedy parts.


In the end, Bakuman is a really good manga for all age groups, entertaining ,informative and the story and humour is well balanced and am proud to say it inspired me to follow my dreams likewise I believe it has inspired many others



What has happened to India’s art O thee lord


India, My motherland and birthplace has been for centuries know for its art and traditional and its respect is given to artists but as time went on and the invasions took its toll and finally came imperialism and the communism which ultimately ruined it.

I am trying to say something which I hope all will agree where has the respect for art gone now sculpting ,clay modeling ,painting and drawing for something for example comics is nonexistent here or at least a few practitioners who take it professionally but unfortunately that meaning has been lost in society itself, its causes damned and its passion only remained in a few only few people exist who do quality handicraft materials and mural replaced by charcoal painting , tanjore  arts going in but Mughal arts of old and tanjore painting techniques of old going out . I am saying instead of copying an art try to preserve what we already have ,get your own style and open up to reach the sky ,in each one of us there is a da Vinci we just have to awaken it with determination and self-confidence and start a new Indian Renaissance.


Injustice – Gods Among Us Game Review


Well everyone, I am finally back and got my hands on a Sony Playstation 3 which some kids know only as the PS3 and also finally managed to play the game by NetherRealm Studios the acclaimed producers of mortal kombat ,of course this time they are back with a bang with “Injustice Gods Among us” a game based on the DC comic book universe with a storyline based on an alternate reality dyspotant earth type future story where our all time favorite man of steel “Superman” has gone misguided meaning bad and it’s up to that world batman and the heroes of the good earth to stop him well that takes care of the story part now we get into



If  all you viewers are familiar with the gameplay from mortal kombat , well here is news for you Injustice is also a fighting game with one on one match time game taking place in a two-dimensional environment but.  With three-dimensional characters and backgrounds which are highly rendered and a treat to watch and for graphic enthusiasts a treat to learn also ,so people who are looking for good graphics can get the game  with their eyes closed.



Here’s another treat there are no one but two health point (Hp) bars in the game and here is the fun part character trait skills and moves which are specific moves that are for each character, for example batman summons a trio of robotic bats while Superman has a character trait which gives him a temporary status boost also like  the mortal kombat games there are special unique moves for each character which is again a treat  to the eyes and props among the environment which players can use against their opponent like cars, flash bombs etc.



With very excellent graphics a well-designed gameplay and an ultimate storyline for both comic book fans and non-comic fans, alike Injustice gods among us are truly a….

God Among Games !!

God Of War Review

God Of War Game Review

Game published by Sony entertainment network


“You have to have chaos within you to fight your inner demons and change your destiny. “


Greek philosopher and poet

General look and plot analysis:

The God of war series is well known to all and is famous for revolutionising the game industry standards in today’s world and today I shall start with the first god of war title

First of all, I like to point out that the god of war games are only available for console based gameplay mainly for the PlayStation 2 and the high definition versions for the PlayStation 3.At the first title screen, you are introduced to a character in a background of flames that is Kratos the main antihero protagonist of the series.

The plot is basically a search for redemption and revenge for the main character Kratos, set in the work of ancient greek mythology it tells the story of Kratos a spartan general and warrior who is basically forced into servitude to Aries the greek god of war and later does odd jobs of heroism such as killing monsters and demons for the Olympian gods the main plot however is how Kratos fights Aries to prevent a loss of balance in power in Olympus and defeats him.

Gameplay and Graphics:

God of war is a game utilising the Third person camera view with which the player controls the main character Kratos, upon playing the game I soon realised the brilliance in the gameplay and design

The game is perfectly mixed and balanced in the accepts of platforming, godlike combat and puzzle games

Throughout the game, Kratos’s main weapon is a pair of huge chain blades although you get more new weapons and magic powers such as Posiden rage, medusa’s gaze and titan rage as you move on defeating certain bosses. Another aspect of the game is the combo moves and attacks and the quick time event attacks (QTE’s) which require you to perform a sort of button combination in the ps2 DualShock controller within a certain time period however I found the QTE to be quite irritating and always required to do the moves more than once and that too in a short span of time and to tell that god of war series is a adult only game due to most gore and violence and nudity. Also to note in the game are the items gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers which increase Kratos’s maximum health and magic powers.

Overall with great graphics addictive god-like gameplay and total many hours of fun God of war is the treat to all gamers.

Comic Book Review: Krishna Defender of Dharma


Written  by Shweta Taneja

Art by Rajesh Nagulakonda

Published by Campfire graphic novels.

yada yada hi dharmasya 
glanir bhavati bharata 
abhyutthanam adharmasya 
tadatmanam srjamy aham

It took me some time to post this review “Sorry miss Shweta” .I was browsing through the campfire book stall at comic con Hyderabad I was immediately captivated by the cover art of lord Krishna ,not to mention the colours and the illustration design from the forehead to the eyes was really good I made a quick browsing of the book through the pages ,and was impressed by the storytelling and art ,

Shweta Taneja experience as a journalist has well paid off in writing the script for this really good graphic novel through if the novel had shown the full story of Krishna in detail I would have been happier . What makes this graphic novel stand out is the blending of the story,art and rich colours which I have to repeat again make it unique.

As for the divisions from the birth of Krishna to his death ,which ultimately led to the end of the Dwapara yuga and the start of our very own kali yug .

In the end, this story is for both kids and adults alike  and truly instrumental in letting the story of Krishna be well known to all the new generations of this age.


My view about the modern Prometheus (or simply know as Frankenstein)


Ok, I felt like writing this today ,I think I was bitten by a writers bug,I have not written anything for quite a while now so there might be a lot of spelling and punctuation mistakes so please bear with me ……

It was a quiet Monday afternoon ,when I was scavenging through my shelves looking for a certain book , “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”,however, an another certain book caught my eye . An  unabridged copy of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly


which I had borrowed from my school  library long back.

My interests aroused I began to read it ,which I must add kept be busy for 4 hours.The story as we all know was a gothic , horror  novel  one of the few works of its kind  published during 1818 about the fictional accounts of a Dr Frankenstein and is quest for creation and curiosity to know the unknown ,as a child when I read the book it looked like an another horror story to me.

But that was before the influence of manga, anime and other stories, this time, however, I was able to go a bit deeper  to understand the feeling of the good doctor and the poor soul which he gave life to,although  Victor Frankenstein was strong in his opinion as I read on I found himself to be cowardly after he created the so-called monster and instead of trying to make amends to rectify what he had done ,he ran away  giving the monster a sense of confusion and loneliness and later on  was branded as an outcast because of victor’s mistake. The book itself is written with the concept of Fear for the unknown,acceptance,idealism and finally revenge along with the concepts and taboo of galvanism ,grave robbery and of course Man’s ambition to be god himself

The book finally named as The Modern Prometheus does justice to the story the reason being  obvious   about every human to desire to be like the greek titan of creation Prometheus himself.

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was the start off point to many new ventures in the field of horror classics  her created  so-called  monster  would make appearances in later fiction over the years and becomes a cult icon and also, in my opinion, started the concept of robotics in real life and fiction and also the descriptions of  mecha(Japanese term for robot) in later fiction and manga

Why Aren’t Studies In Correspondence Given Its Due Respect?

I have been wanting to post this for quite for some time ,I went thought a couple of ad’s looking for jobs to apply and saw lots of companies but some major companies with the caption and so called rule, “Candidates  who have studied through correspondence need not apply” and an incident where I almost got myself humiliated by a HR of a reputed company for studying my UG through correspondence and then put the blame on company policy for refusing to recruit  me.

This all left me thinking Correspondence studies and open universities were also approved by the government but why are the people who graduated through correspondence given no respect at all!

It is also studies but for the underprivileged so society says ,has no value society says ,only for putting on a title so says society .. society said and it has now ruined the lives of people like me who studied through correspondence and open university and for the rich or people who had done some good diploma course and already in a job and want more salary as payment this is what I have seen  so far we are not recognised at all, Education has  become an business nowadays more like an auction ,where the exams are all for eyewash ,it’s has become a sad fact the open university degrees

Have become meaningless so are we the people who have studied there or are studying there fools??

Guess that is an answer only time can say.